Minggu, 06 Desember 2009


hi lovelies :) nothing to do now haha, whether i'll have my exams tomorrow. but ive finished my study. argh cant wait 2 days more i'll be free from this. feels like im locked in a tiny cage wif books everywhere, huh my brain is over-loaded guys -.-' haha. i just want to share you my photos wif family at my weekend. here some :)
- @ Alun-Alun Indonesia -

- my older sist :) -

- believe or not, shes my twin. we're not identical twins hehe -

wew, thats it. promise you next more interesting posts after this exams are over. see ya! :)

2 komentar:

Thally mengatakan...

hey thamies, looks like you had a nice hangout with ur fam :D
and yeah I believe she's ur twin. haha.

comment mine back.

thamies xP mengatakan...

hahaha yeah youve known shes my twinnie. haha. okay, comment you back :D