Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

why is the sky so blue?

the whole look seems like a sailor with the ribbon on the neck, very childish too right? lol
some red stripes on the blue fabric

and some antoher photos..

i love the lighting effect :)

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Senin, 08 Maret 2010

your love is my drug

million of sorry im so late in posting. that's because im having my mid-test term now, and today is the last day. yay! and maybe for the next time i won't be as regular as before in posting, i try not to online too often, or at least i still play for only 1-1,5 hours a day. cutting down on playing computer too often is now in my resolution list. so i've got to fullfill it. and thisss, i share some pics. i really love the photography. im not really on focusing the outfits i wore :) enjoy!