Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

quotes of the day

"dress with your deepest heart, because it is most important of what fashion should be"

delicious one-of-a-kind

waa this is too cute! my twins has collected many erasers with various food-shaped. yesterday, my sist photographed and she admitted that she always gets angry whenever my twins buys lots of cutie erasers, but just realized too they were too lovely :D

looking tremendously yummy and make me deeply hungry LOL. actually i had some erasers like that but i was just too lazy and gave to my twins knowing that she loves cutie items.

another place for us to play

oh forgive me for the lack of post updates. ive been busy these days going out with family, specially cause i went to bandung last sunday till monday. at the first day, we reached bandung and took a nap for a while, then came over to relative's house. at night, we went on to "Bakso Enggal Malang" to have some yummy meatballs for dinner. and yes, i heart the food. second day, got a free breakfast for 4 persons, and were given to me and my sists hehe. then we packed our belongings to check out. actually we planned to go to Kawah Putih, but it was canceled cause of the less time we had. then we came over to my relative's house to photograph ourselves and went again to other relative's house. we had a really fun chit-chat and kept eating the snacks given, they were yummy LOL. and last, went to "Rumah Kebun" restaurant, i had fettucine...forget the complete name hehe. the place was designed well and comfy, so i took some pics there hehe. then we ended our journey and got home.

anyway, this is the suite room:
okay, dont look at the mess we made LOL
what i wore:
what we wore:
the same stylish withe dresscode: LEOPARD-PRINTED days were going really well. and ..ugh i think i need more days more vacation, almost 4th january when ive to start my school AGAIN. ohhh nightmare LOL :D

Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

no teardrops just raindrops were

out for some brakfast at Ce Wei, Pluit Village Mall. ordered some various dimsums to be served.

then continued our trip to Bogor. had lunch at Waroeng Ngariung Restaurant, just newly-opened. got this pic hehe. we have the same clothes wif different was raining that time from the morning in jakarta, and noon at Bogor. not a problem for us to still enjoying day, really am a happy one that day :D

i want chocolate for christmas

went to Grand Indonesia Mall wif family for some dinner. some pics were taken as alwayss :)

what i wore:
that was all fun! :D

Jumat, 25 Desember 2009

christmas parade

all i wanna say is ...

merry christmas all! :D wishing us have a little pray and be thankful of each precious things given by GOD :) lets be a part of this little festive day and share each other love and happiness.

Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

black and white wednesday

today, i went to Taman Anggrek Mall wif thalita and marcelli. cause marcelli hadnt come, i and thally decided to go queue for "AVATAR" tickets. we got the schedule at 12 am. then we watched it for 3 hours, but i admit perfectly that it was an adorably awesome movie! LOL. after it, we went down to the ground floor to photograph ourselves for the cutie christmas display. there was snow falling sweetly and a "bear show" on the stage, and crowded haha. next, we stepped in to Metro for some window-shopping haha. okay, i was craving for some clothes AGAIN haha. continueing for the limited-time, we went to Red Mango, and i bought a medium frozen yoghut covered wif longans and strawberries as the toping, such a plenty of sweet-sour taste hehe. cause marcelli and thally were craving for some kebabs, we went to Doner Kebab and bought the wanted ones. i was sitting enjoying my "unfinished-melting-yoghurt" LOL. and my mom called me that she was in TA too, so i stood up and went straight to Melawai Optik cause they hang there. so, celi and thally walked around sticked together hehe.
what i wore:

what i wore was a dominant of black and white, but im lovin it :D and love wearing my rosary as a statement while my outfit is quite simple ♥

Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

happy mother's day and a little shopping

happy mother's day all! huge smooches for mom hihi.
anyway, today i bought myself a new outfit again LOL. i purchased a khaki long-sleeve. but i cant post the photos now. sorry, but promise you to publish my pic of wearing it sooner! :)

Minggu, 20 Desember 2009

leopard is fierce

big yay to me! today i purchased a set of leopard tanktop and a black outerwear. finally i could do shopping again after the exams LOL. big smooch to mom! hahaha. i can use the outerwear wif another items, so i count that i bought 2 items today. yayayay! :D and these are the photos:
lovin 'em so much! ♥

bedtime stories

went out wif family to Pluit Village in order to look for a new bed for my sist. and being photographed is like our habit, anytime, anywhere :D

- photographed my shoes LOL -

we do love stick together! :D