Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

spotted: Kota Tua

yeap, im home already after the study tour i told yesterday. as ive promised, i'll tell you bout this tour to Kota Tua. feeling so exhausted, and ive got a bit sunburned cause of the sparkly-sunny day, and also cause of my habit being photographed, its outdoor guys LOL. i went firstly to Sunda Kelapa Harbour, i took many photos there. i saw many traditional ships that have been kept since long long years ago. next, i went to Fatahillah Museum. yeah, i didnt really enjoy being there, cause its hot, dark, and dusty, nothing to play wif. then i ate my lunch wif friends, and my friend, celli got a brilliant idea to rent a bike while waiting for the break time. so, we ran out and rented a bike for 7.500 [half-hour]. we had lots of fun, and the kids went out and saw us playing this. suddenly, all the kids rented too. haha, seems everyone were a keen biker specially the naughty boys LOL. then, we walked to Wayang Museum cause it didnt take time to get there, just few steps. yepp, boring as always. but hey, there's always lesson behind everything right? these museums really give you lessons of many things. finally, we went to the last destination trip, Ceramic Museum, i didnt feel so excited everytime at the museums. aaaaahhh finally, we went homeee. yay to me :D some of the pics:

- me and my piggy look-alike friend, marcelli sitting sweetly LOL -

- we used to swing when we were a child -

- at Sunda Kelapa Harbour -- posing together at Sunda Kelapa -

this trip was half exciting and half boring. and i was a bit surprised when the local men workers at Sunda Kelapa could speak english and german! i never expected that :D

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