Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

another place for us to play

oh forgive me for the lack of post updates. ive been busy these days going out with family, specially cause i went to bandung last sunday till monday. at the first day, we reached bandung and took a nap for a while, then came over to relative's house. at night, we went on to "Bakso Enggal Malang" to have some yummy meatballs for dinner. and yes, i heart the food. second day, got a free breakfast for 4 persons, and were given to me and my sists hehe. then we packed our belongings to check out. actually we planned to go to Kawah Putih, but it was canceled cause of the less time we had. then we came over to my relative's house to photograph ourselves and went again to other relative's house. we had a really fun chit-chat and kept eating the snacks given, they were yummy LOL. and last, went to "Rumah Kebun" restaurant, i had fettucine...forget the complete name hehe. the place was designed well and comfy, so i took some pics there hehe. then we ended our journey and got home.

anyway, this is the suite room:
okay, dont look at the mess we made LOL
what i wore:
what we wore:
the same stylish withe dresscode: LEOPARD-PRINTED days were going really well. and ..ugh i think i need more days more vacation, almost 4th january when ive to start my school AGAIN. ohhh nightmare LOL :D

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