Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

black and white wednesday

today, i went to Taman Anggrek Mall wif thalita and marcelli. cause marcelli hadnt come, i and thally decided to go queue for "AVATAR" tickets. we got the schedule at 12 am. then we watched it for 3 hours, but i admit perfectly that it was an adorably awesome movie! LOL. after it, we went down to the ground floor to photograph ourselves for the cutie christmas display. there was snow falling sweetly and a "bear show" on the stage, and crowded haha. next, we stepped in to Metro for some window-shopping haha. okay, i was craving for some clothes AGAIN haha. continueing for the limited-time, we went to Red Mango, and i bought a medium frozen yoghut covered wif longans and strawberries as the toping, such a plenty of sweet-sour taste hehe. cause marcelli and thally were craving for some kebabs, we went to Doner Kebab and bought the wanted ones. i was sitting enjoying my "unfinished-melting-yoghurt" LOL. and my mom called me that she was in TA too, so i stood up and went straight to Melawai Optik cause they hang there. so, celi and thally walked around sticked together hehe.
what i wore:

what i wore was a dominant of black and white, but im lovin it :D and love wearing my rosary as a statement while my outfit is quite simple ♥

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