Jumat, 18 Desember 2009


yesterday, i went to my friend's house, thalita. actually we were going wif loura and marcelli. but in the morning, celli told us that she couldnt come. yea, accepted that. most important is that loura could come LOL. we firstly played around in thally's room and digged her wardrobe closet. i didnt bring any proper clothes to be mixed wif hehe, and loura brought a make-up tool. i just wore thally's floral dress and took it off again. haha you know what? the dress was totally short on me, maybe cause im taller LOL. i had no pic wif that dress. lora borrowed thally's outfits and she made-up her face wif some glittering eyeshadow and pinkish blush-on. haha, i wouldnt do that :p we hung in thally's room just for a while, then went out and decided to watch DVD of Confession Of a Shopaholic, a story bout a woman who has a big lust of shopping a lot. i didnt really pay attention on it. we were getting bored, so i took some pics, i asked thally and loura to put my geeky glasses on that i brought haha. then we had our lunch and i was picked up by my driver. sooo, i went home. we thought that the 3 hours we spent was actually a bit sucks of boredom. next time better :) some pics when we turned out freak:

in my sling bag - left to right: bow necktie, heart-printed tie, black bangle, mirror necklace, red geeky glasses, tosca bangle, purple bow headband -

- dresses-up -

- four in one -

wear the same glasses

- which of us wore at its best? LOL -

anyone can explain me this pic? LOL

- we try to jump but fail -

me and loura

i think loura has the same piggy look-alike face wif my friend, celli

- dont you think so? :) -

- me and thally -

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