Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

watch out!

Hollywood is just too lucky to have these celebrities. they have such an uber stylish outfits at almost everyday. and i decided to always keep my eyes on these stylish girls. so, i awarded these stylish celebs:

1) Taylor Momsen
geez, Taylor really steals our eyes about what she wears. she was a girly girl from the "Gossip Girl" and now turning into a rock chic style. in the pic above, i love the way she wears tie, and it really inspires me about wearing my black tie. actually, before i bought it, i just thought to make the same tie as Taylor's. and sure everyone'd heart her cut-out shoes so much, and her blonde curly hair.

2) Alexa Chung
really adore the way she dresses-up at the pic above. Alexa never forgets to always dress in a good way, and every outfits look its best on her. she shows how simplicity works in an elegant way. the dress, black cardigan, pink-ish tote bag, and also the ankle boots are so her :)

3) Cory Kennedy
Cory is really known wif her rebel style. her printed tosca tight, mixed-colours boots, and also her khaki top proves that shes gonna be the next fashion icon, wif her uber cool messy hair.

4) Emma Watson
from a cutie kid at "Harry Potter" to a fabulous teenage. she wears a see-through shift dress wif a pair of black pump shoes that really shows how she works well in style. Emma never fails in mixing a fabulous simple outfits become more elegant in a stylish way.

so, can you take your eyes off these uber stlish girls? i bet ofcourse not! if youre not in a mood for dressing up, these girls will show you a plenty of outfits style. so, watch out for these girls who are gonna hit the fashion industry!

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