Senin, 14 Desember 2009


yippie! i went to kidZania yesterday wif my twin. that was the second time for me. my dad got a discount from his friends for 15 kids, so i went there wif another kids. i worked as Yakult scientist, nurse, in Pertamina company, and in salon. my fave part was at salon. we had to play for pairs, one as the customer, and one as the worker. when i felt my face got really oily, i decided to go in to have a facial care. haha, my face was fresh after it. when i worked in hospital, ive got a funny friend named William. hes fatty and chubby, hes smart that he told me he got the frist rank in school, yes his face shows it LOL. i bought 3 pens and a note. i also got a certificate as the completieon for working as scientist in Yakult. haha. these are some of the photos:

- at toilet -

- in front Silver Queen factory -

- eating burger -

- 4 sisters :) -
- actually this photos was taken outside the Kz, but still at the same mall [Pasific Place] -

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