Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

christmas project

its going to christmas, and my mandarin course teacher asked all of the students to make an xmas frame photos wif our own pic inside. we made it step by step wif the help from the teacher. we had to make the santa claus first, cut the frame, and made the reindeer. next, we put our pics inside and glued it. the last step, i glittered it to decorate it.

left: mine ; right: my twin's
- tadaaa its done already! :) -

- all of the kids's photos frame are hung at this xmas tree -

in the seco
nd meeting, we made an xmas card again.

left: mine ; right: my twin's
- look! i think its cute
ya? hehe -
there's written:
sheng dan ku
ai le
which means:
merry chri
so, which is cuter, mine or my twin's? LOL :)

andd im soo glad that ive got the second rank in my level. proud of myself wif my own achievement at this level :)

- the report -

and ive got this princess double-sided handbag as my present for being the second rank. thankyou! ♥

- the puppy-printed gift paper and the bag :) -

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