Jumat, 16 April 2010

basically beige

hello people!! lack of time and photos caused me not to make a post again. i have nothing to post, just leave you with all these photos i took when hanging out with friends.

dressed in beige and choco-ish color head to toe.
love the 3 photos above! we look like a big family on the mirror, lol.
left: w/ celli | right: thalita, check out her blog
look cute on that chair haha.

im joining Little Miss Fhenny's 1205 giveaway, join yourself here (:

by the way, you guys know a site to find good backgrounds for blog? i think my blog is too plain and i wanna decorate it as well. glad to know if you wanna recommend :D

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Senin, 05 April 2010


Happy Easter all!
last holiday i went to bandung for 3 days from friday til sunday. but too bad i took very few photos and outfits details :( the pics below were best taken :)

@ De Ranch, Lembang
we did a horse-riding too there. i was kind of nervous because being afraid of falling to the ground if the horse did something, haha i knew it would be painful if i did.
4 sisters! :D
haha i got on to the horsecart to take a pic with it, whether i didnt know we were allowed or not haha :p
colored my nails to nude-pink, heart the bow ring :)

hiks the holiday is over, and tomorrow i will be going to school again. uuhh im on-duty again haha. anyway im joining Evita Nuh's giveaway on her blog. go check out :)

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