Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

the "tired yet happy-looking" me

andd today i took my report wif my mom. i went to school early and got 15th turn. being honest, skipped my friend, erwin hehe. i brought my teacher, Mr. Solly a box of brownies. my mom handled eveything LOL. i took my report and the result was satisfying enough for me. my lowest subject was at Indonesian: 65 haha. i dont know why i always get bad on this subject, is it the stupid me or the "too-smart" teacher? think of it. i ate meatball wif my mom and sist while waiting for my twins finished taking report wif dad. then, we went to Erha Clinic which was located not so far from my school. we waited there for my mom's turn and i wif my twins took charge of the free internet service there. i played facebook and checked my blog. it was soo long there. next, i went to Roxy in order to fix my sist's cellphone. there was some error. we walked around and ate lunch. i had noodle. and finally, the cellphone service shop exchanged my sist's BB became brand new again. waa, i should change my cellphone LOL. and i went home. i felt tired yet my happy-looking face was still put on my face haha. maybe cause tomorrow i'll purchase some items. hope for it :D and its done for today! :) forgive me cause theres no photos to be posted this time, but next time i'd love to give you more andd moree. see ya readers :)

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