Selasa, 08 Desember 2009


yay oh GOD, thanks thanks a bunch! im FREE from this tests that haunted me all day long. phew haha. just wanna share you bout a 'bug' incident. so when i got home, my mom showed me a bug wif a cat face printed on its house. i was a bit surprised cause i dont like it. i was like, "ew hate it" haha. my mom found it under my mango tree when she was helping the houseworks. suddenly my mom had a nasty-brilliant trick to my oldest sist. yeah, she put it into a yellow box and told to my sist that it was food for her. she excitingly opened it and when she saw what was inside....she was really surprised and threw it far away to my dry garden and screamed spontaneously LOL. luckily, the bug was still alive. haha i still remember her face that time, she turned out freak. and you know what? my twins was really deeply shocked cause my sist threw it really really closely to her. then we just laughed out loud after it. here some of the pics :)

- the green-poor bug -

- my twin's stressed face after the incident. haha -

but one thing that you have to know is: the bug has died now. yeah because my mom forgot to feed it. just 5 words: may it rest in peace.
tomorrow i'll have a study tour to some museums near Old Town [Kota Tua]. promise to give you the experience bout it soon, and some photos i'll surely be hunting at some vintage captions. it'll be much fun. yay to me haha. see you around :D

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