Rabu, 25 November 2009

day off

hey y'all im back! sorry its been soo long time not to update my blog again. but the truth is im going to update it regularly. haha. so, im going to tell you bout my latest hangout with thalita, marcelly, emma, and eveline on last saturday. we met at puri about 11 am. after we reached there, we directly went to Ajisen Ramen, actually i was full that time, but my friends hadnt eaten yet. i ordered katsu rice [or whatever the name, forgotten LOL]. we had a fun chit-chat there, and took some pics. while eating, i showed my sound clip wif my twins, that was totally funny, and we laughed together. then we went to photobox. and this was my favorite part, we got a small shopping at Pretty shop. haha, i bought 3 pieces, necktie, black tie, and a bangle. yayyy i love em all! haha. celly bought necktie, tie, and lil crown. thally bought tie, hairband, and lil crown too [like mine xD] actually i wanted to buy a shawl at Loly Poly shop, but you knoww, i would ran out of my money LOL. next, we went to J.CO. my friends bought a froyo, but i didnt. because i felt soo full haha. then, we went home at 3 pm. these are some of the pics:

- at Puri Land. great pose of mine here LOL -

-thally. me. evel. celly -
- we do have our own siganture style, dont we? -
- at Ajisen Ramen. Thally and Celly were candidly photgraphed LOL -
so, that was my hangout. i love it. but first, i want to announce that maybe i will update lately [sorry], cause of the semester test at my school. you know, study time. ugh lazy ya? but i can do nothing bout this damn thing. i even wanna go shopping for some clothes, but this tests really make me angry RAWR haha. i'll tell you more bout my experiences, see ya :D

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