Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

last new year eve, i went to Furama restaurant located at Hayam Wuruk.
what i wore:

no showing off, but this uber stylish scarf makes me feel am like a parisian street styler. no kidding. and what a concidence that the leopard-printed got the same pattern as the black outerwear's ribbons on each side. heeh..im fierce! haha i took this photos by myself. the 2 baby bear dolls are my sist's. i put a lot effort to give the best shot. and the paper written "hello 2010" was also my own-made.

and i wanna say: HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL :D sorry im so late. but have you guys made a new resolutions in this brand new year? and yes. i should make it. maybe mine would be having a new look, new style, new attitude. anddd sadly, reduce my online habits :( my parents have always got angry whenever i stare the computer screen too long. hope i survive doing my resolutions this year. you guys too, rock in your own way! :D

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