Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

fussy show

yesterday my school had a christmas celebration. it was really really damn boring. and from the day before, some persons were chosen to be the participant of some shows. aaa i was chosen to follow the fashion show! it was needed 5 girls and 5 boys for the fashion show. i wasnt worried bout the outfits, but the people who would stare us on the stage haha. the boys were cisco, thomas, niki, edwin, and naldi. the girls were me, loura, thalita, and celli. less 1 cause no one wanted haha. i was getting so fussy cause the teachers threatened us for punishments if we didnt accomplish the show. soo, i reluctantly just showed up on the stage. we got on the stage and i was acting stupidly and laughing a lot cause of the nicknames according to our style given by the MC. and at the end of the show, i freaked out that badly cause i was confused bout the way. and i claimed that it was an embarassing day for me hahaha. had no event photos with me cause we werent allowed to bring any electronics stuffs, just got this pic after home.
what i wore:i really heart this pic, its like showing my outfits in a good angle hihi.

2 komentar:

Verena Veshia Handoko mengatakan...

wow ur cool!:D but i think that was veryy baddd event! ckck

thamies xP mengatakan...

haha yeah. sucks! :p