Jumat, 15 Januari 2010


haha got this when i was still awake late at night in my bedroom.

haha this box is where i save all my accessories from necklaces, bangles, headbands, necktie, till my watch. haha you see it from the outside? its kind of tranparent. think is cute that the light greenish box matches with my pinkish red desk chair.and these what are inside in my box on the previous pic. it consists of many things that i use to add my outifts with. haha still i have to say that the color effect from my Nokia 6120 classic has always made a brilliant shot!have no idea with this pic haha. is actually not a sort of organized as this. just put my skill to tidy those mess up before you see how the truth was [read: messy and unorganized]the stuffs on my desk upper side are to decorate my desk, so it wont bore me anyway.

left to right: purple transparent money-bank from my modern dance teacher, yellow smiley i bought in Taman Anggrek Mall myself, cross from my math teacher on my bday, giraffe frame from thalita, and a 'precious moments' miniature got from a wedding :)

i feel somehow my bedroom got a really mess, and moreover im way so lazy to just tidy up =p

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Thally mengatakan...

haha yeah, agree, 6120 classic always made brilliat shots, though it just has 2MP camera. :) and I think it's better than BB's-a bit blur.