Minggu, 14 Juni 2009

clik it

yihaa, i'm back! haha. x ny gue ga akan crta ttg idup gue, tp ttg vlm yg bru gue tonton mrn hahaha. vlm 'click' pastiny, brcrta ttg keidupan sesorang yg ngecepin dimensi wktu idupny. sbnrny ud bbrpa x gue ntn ni vlm, but i still love it haha. dan yg hrs klian tw, i was still crying watch the ending haha ;D gue ntn mrn malem sbtu d trans tv jem 9, tp rda tlad. lgsung aj, jd ad cowo yg lg k toko ranjang, trs dy ga sngaja ktiduran d slh stu bed yg d jual. and since that time, his life changed that much. dy msuk k ruang msa dpan and met someone named morty yg ngasi dy universal remote to control life. dy mulae ngeclick alat itu when he felt bad about the time. smpe typ ad bagian wktu yg dy ga suka, psti dy 'skip' dan d cpedin k msa dpn. remoteny jg bs ngediemin org, sm ngecilin volume suara haha. pkkny canggih lah [gue jg pgn si haha]. smpe ga krsa dy ud nglwatin brtaon". until the remote can't be controlled and his 'skipped life' was on auto mode. jdi d tiap bgian wktu yg d skip, sbnrny pikiranny ud otomatis, cm badanny msi ad d stu. tiba" dy ad d dimensi wktu when he had known that his father had passed away. dy nyesel bgd krna ga ad pas bkpny mninggal. trs dy pgn blik k wktu when he met his father for the last time. dy kecewa bgd krna mlah bkin bkpnya nangis. d msa dpn, dy jg keilangan istriny krna ud sm cowo laen. lupakan haha. other time in the future, anagny ud gde dan dy jd a big boss hahaha. anag cowony mw kawin sm cewe. tp gtw npa, suddenly he got a heart attack dan d bwa k RS. d situ dy tw morty is a death angel. kdua anagny ngunjungin dy, samantha sm benjamin yg mw honeymoon. dy nyesel necepin dimensi wktu. anagny trs kluar RS bwt d jmput. tp tiba" dy ngejar anagny dg keadaan td mndukung, ngos"an ngejar mrka. anagny lyd and cried. the weather was raining and he died that time. buuutt..he woke up. itu cm mimpi. dy bner" nyadar how important family was. and when he got home, dy nemuin surat sm remote dr morty. he know realized and threw the remote into the garbage can, and his life wouldn't be that Terrible :]. soo, that was parts i've told 'bout the story. hope u can inspired by this movie :)

PS: the end of this story was kinda 'touching' :)
LESSON of the DAY: we have life with others and nobody can control our life only by a remote, except us. this story also teach us how important family is.

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