Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

chasing the lights

went to Puri Mall with some friends. at first thought that i decided to get a "back and white" dresscode with a friend of mine, thalita. as we used to think that it'll be creepy, so its a free outfit theme! at last, i wore BW too, think that that 2 colors combined are elegant yet fabulous. lol.
i love this photo of mine which was taken by eveline, a friend of mine that i thought she's got talent in photography :p

2 different colors effect

haha we were having difficulties of taking picture with 4 people in. you know that needed 1 person to take and 3 others posed. so we went to toilet to take some pics and look we'd gone silly!

dont get tricked!  we didnt play in Fun World, we were meant only to take the pics, you know? lol

ended my last photo with this. i was being 2 only with thalita when the others had gone home. 

.a BFF is forever, but is not easy to find one.

i got these close friends of mine since we are in 8th grade in a same class. at first i didnt get close with some of em, but as the time goes by, i knew they are enjoyable and my now-BF.

3 komentar:

Shella Tanzilia mengatakan...

Oh, so cute. Hey, you have a cute hair style girl!

thamies xP mengatakan...

hihi thanks. ive got that hairstyle for a long long period of time.

Retriana Maharani mengatakan...

hallo :)
itu dipuri bukan?
btw, nice blog :)