Senin, 08 Maret 2010

your love is my drug

million of sorry im so late in posting. that's because im having my mid-test term now, and today is the last day. yay! and maybe for the next time i won't be as regular as before in posting, i try not to online too often, or at least i still play for only 1-1,5 hours a day. cutting down on playing computer too often is now in my resolution list. so i've got to fullfill it. and thisss, i share some pics. i really love the photography. im not really on focusing the outfits i wore :) enjoy!

7 komentar:

Nathalie Kartika Putri mengatakan...

gw suka tas luuu. haha

RiaTii mengatakan...

nice pic (:
i linked u already. thanks for the comment. mind to follow each others blog too ?
dont forget to check my new post (:

Owen mengatakan...

cute top, i've linked you :)
have a great daay :)

Thally mengatakan...

I like the dry garden in your house :) ahaha

Anonim mengatakan...

hai thank you for lovely comment.. :)
i'm linked you back.
feel free to follow.comment.visit.


febrina utami putri mengatakan...

tasnya bagus deh! masa sih mirip nathalie? bnyk yg blg mirip gw sih haha, ga tau tiap org liatnya beda2. iya gw yg dandanin, ada pke bju gw juga sama asesoris gw hahahah

silvi landa mengatakan...

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